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Bethel Heights Featured in Wine & Spirits


Wine & Spirits, April 1, 2013

WIND POWERED PINOT: The Eola-Amity Hills Break Out

Once valued more for the nervosity they contributed to Willamette Valley blends, the rocky, wind-battered slopes of the Eola–Amity Hills have emerged as one of Oregon’s most singular terroirs for pinot noir.

In 1983, brothers Terry and Ted Casteel were just starting to build their Bethel Heights vineyard project in what were then known as the Eola Hills in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, having left careers in academia to join forces, with their families, in a winery. They carpeted the windswept western slopes south of Amity with vines, encouraged by their early efforts but lacking a clear sense of where their wines fit in the larger framework of domestic pinot noir.


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