2007 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Cuvée

“This wine is a stunning example of what you can do when you have worked on and owned an estate property for 30+ years and have a passion for making the best possible wine that you can without having attach a huge price tag to go along with it.

The Eola—Amity Cuvée has aromas of smoky earth, cranberry, clove and very light hints of oak. On the palate right away you will notice the underlying thread of smoky earth and lightly toasted oak that does not dominate but sits in the background as it should. There is also plenty of Bing Cherry, clove and light white pepper, even rose petal floral accents on the palate. Throughout this wine there is subtlety and elegance and a certain refined style that is more often found in Burgundy than in domestic Pinot Noirs. This wine can also age for another 5 years or so.”