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and Founders


As Bethel Heights transitions to the next generation, the ownership is now shared by ten family members, including three daughters and two sons of the five founders. Some of us are actively involved in the day to day, others share responsibility for keeping us on our true course over the long haul. Ten cousins of the third generation are jumping in the bouncy house.

TED CASTEEL, Co-Owner, Director, and Vineyard Manager

TERRY CASTEEL, Co-Owner, Director, and Winemaker Emeritus

MARILYN WEBB, Co-Owner and Director

PAT DUDLEY, Co-Owner, President and General Manger

BARBARA DUDLEY, Co-Owner and Chair of the Board of Directors

BEN CASTEEL, Co-Owner and Winemaker

MIMI CASTEEL, Co-Owner and Director, Winegrower at Hope Well Vineyard, Founder of Hope Well Wines | Email

JESSIE CASTEEL, Co-Owner, Director, and Brand Ambassador

JON CASTEEL, Co-Owner and Owner/Founder of Casteel Custom Bottling, Email

DEE DEE DUDLEY GUSMAO, Co-Owner and brand ambassador